Microsoft, It's Time To Retire Windows

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Jul 13, 2008
i say ...meh.... to windows 8. I'm still on windows xp (32 bit) , though part of that is because of the cost of a new Os , (much cheaper to throw my already owned copy of XP ona new comp). and i do plan on updateing to windows 7 (64 bit ) in the near future.

but as a gamer ,a dn a student majoring in game art design , windows 8 does NOT sound freindly to a desktop work space /gaming enviroment.

on the other hand perhaps window's 8 release will push teh price of win 7 down some , , then i can get acopy of it easier , (that i will likely use for a decade , like i have used xp for the past decade)

but i highly doubt i'll go out and get win8 or win 9.

i also agree with others , that say MS is spreading out to much. i think thye are getting like thin butter scrapped over a piece of bread to much (to quote a certain old hobbit). and the spreding is starting to show in thier products. zune - un imagitive , windows- likely to stagnate soon comapred to past efforts, Xbox 360 - dies so many times i started calling it the "zombie machine" . Kinect - made me yawn before it was even released .

now i'm not trying to be negative on MS, i jsut think they need to pull a few "win 95" miracles off , or they may become irrelevant in the future. the next xbox , needs to be killer , not a dier, they should focus on improving win7 not replacing it with an OS that will likely suck. zune , go back to teh drawing board or jsut not bother. kinect needs soem serious games that work it's use into the gmae , , not jsut "tech demos" that show off what it can do.


Jun 10, 2011
[citation][nom]livebriand[/nom]I think that if they can get the software manufacturers to write 64-bit versions of everything that just might work.[/citation]

your a dumb @$$
did you even watch the video? there is CLEARLY a section in it where you can get access to the windows 7 style interface. you are all over reacting.


Is this the future of Windows? LOL!

Just using it and it IS HORRIBLE! Absolute moronity!

Can any sane person explain why the metro 'start' menu has to be separate from the desktop? Couldn't those tiles appear on your desktop, or even better over your application, like Alt-Tab? I guess the m*r*ns in Microsoft didn't even think about it.

And the great fun of it:
I have 2 monitors and the metro uses only the one!!! Ridiculous.

Please tell me, for a normal PC user with dozens of apps installed what's the difference of the tiles with the icons of Windows 3.1? Back then you could simply use a single window and move all your icons there. Ah yes, now there is ONLY ONE (horrible) scroll bar-the horizontal one. So dropping the vertical one is the genius idea of Microsoft? LOL LOL LOL!

BTW: It simply crashes every second boot and I have to use the reset button of my PC. And IE crashes always.

What to say for the 'centuries' it takes to shut down? I do not care if it boots faster. I DO CARE that it is so slow to shut down, because then I am in a hurry and it is delaying me (as much as any sane person who switches off the power supply when he doesn't use his PC).

To be able to use this crap, certainly my first think will be to install 'Classic Shell' (the start menu of Total Commander could also be of value to someone who doesn't have many programs installed).

Doing it right now to see if it works...

And it does!

So to summarize:

Mozilla Firefox
Classic Shell
Total Commander

and who cares about the crap...
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