Microsoft office 2013 - error code 1402


Feb 6, 2016
Hi, how to solve this problem? I have been spending 12 hours to solve it .. I need to use microsoft office urgently. Thanks!

1.. tried to repair it in programs and features more than 3 times

1. error code 1402 -

2. error message from microsoft word -

3. error when opening powerpoint - not enough memory (I have C drive only - 300gb)

These issues occured when window updates (most of them are microsoft updates - ) were failed since 3 days ago that error codes from window updates were 57A and 80070652. I tried to install more than 5 times today..

What I've done but it still didn't work :

1. deleted malwares
2. ran clean boot
3. ran troubleshoot
4. system restore - kept saying my antivirus prevented it so I turned it off but next trial after few hours, 9th Feb system restore was missing.


Jan 14, 2016
I get the error code 1402 when installing Office 2013. The installation process goes pretty far - though not to the point of entering the activation code. I see that it created an Office15 folder and populates it with files. Then the 1402 error presents, basically gives no options, then de-installs the files that it had put out there. When I try to open an Office 2010 program either through the quick launch tool bar (I don't pin applications to the task bar) or by double clicking on a file, I get a message "This action is only valid for products that are currently installed." I can go to the .exe file and launch the program successfully that way ... except for Outlook which gives the message: "Cannot start Microsoft Outllok. Cannot open the Outlook window." regardless of how I try to open it.