MIS GT70 DRAGON EDITON 2 or Alienware 17

Which one of these two do you think is better for me ?

  • Alienware 17

    Votes: 1 50.0%
  • MSI gt70

    Votes: 1 50.0%

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Aug 20, 2013
So, I will go straight to the question.
Which one is better


Intel i7-4700MQ, 2.4-3.4GHz, 6MB, 47W Haswell
240GB Crucial M500 SSD + 750gb 7200RPM
16GB 1600mhz DDR3
DVDRW Burner Super-Multi Slot Load
NVidia GeForce GTX 770M 3gb
17" Full HD Matte LED 1920 x 1080
Genuine Windows 8 64bit



Intel i7-4700MQ, 2.4-3.4GHz, 6MB, 47W Haswell
750GB RPM ??
32GB (8*4) DDR3
Blu-Ray Burner
NVidia GeForce GTX 780M 4gb
17" Full HD Matte LED 1920 x 1080
Genuine Windows 8 64bit


I can get both at the same exact price :) and this is my limit

I know from the specs side the MSI is better, but I feel more into the Alienware, specially that I am using the laptop for college.
I am a bigger fan of dual heatsink than one only ( I've heard that your house will turn into an airport when the MSI fans are working ).
The Alienware beats it in shape. and I can change the GPU in the future ( although I don't know how, but I will find tutorials for sure ).
I don't have any experience in laptops, since I have always been a desktop user, and I need this for college since I will be studying abroad.
My most use of it will be for Dota2, Photoshop, Lightroom, and some video editing soft-wares ( Vegas, AE, Premier, etc...).
I need the laptop to survive ( for like 5-7 years ).
So guys, what do you think ?

( I know you might feel I am a fanboy of Alienware but I am not, I just like it more )
The Dragon Edition also has support for Super RAID 2 if you're interested in that. Alienware probably has better cooling, but tends to cost more than the competition, largely, due to the name.

I think the MSI is a better value, and the 780M - as byogamingpc mentioned - is noticeably better than the 770M.