Mobile security: Android vs iOS vs Windows Phone vs BlackBerry


Mar 25, 2012
My friend own Samsung Galaxy Pocket which it using Android, but her Facebook was been hacked when she use on then. My friend (and also my) opinion is Android was insecure and he said BlackBerry has robust security. And I think WP also secure too since it was proprietary (unlike Android it was open-source that more risky to hacked). iOS was unknown but I saw the news about iOS security issues on App Store.

So your turn. Which OS has robust security? And write your opinion here. I want to expanding the mobile security knowledge, it was not just for business but also for end-user itself (including me!).

I have the BlackBerry Curve 9220 while it's cheap, although I was sawing the unknown certificate alert. Probably from OpenDNS, how to solve them? It's very bothering.