more power from my stereo


Apr 12, 2016
hey all.i got a question regarding my homr stereo.before i ask let me tell you what i stereo is a 3 layer technics.:fm/amstereo tuner st-4 a stereo integrated amplilfier su-5a and a stereo double cassete deck rs-1w.i love my music and i want more power from aint but a 120 watt stereo if i remember correctly with two a big fan of the bass.i listen to mosyly heavt metal and rock.could someone help me as far as to tell me how i could increase the power ?


For bass , a powered subwoofer with high level inputs will make the biggest difference.
It'll likely also make a difference to volume , the sub will take care of bass, output to the speaker would then be limited to mid & treble, you could push the volume louder with less distortion.


You're pretty limited to what that amplifier is capable of. Some people try modding amps but you're still limited; it's not worth the hassle; and you really just end up with more distortion than anything.
Your best bet if you keep that amp is to get efficient speakers (8 ohm minimum with that amp) that have a fair size woofer. You could also start looking for a new or used receiver that has more 'oomph'.. I think that one has kind of served its purpose.
did not look into specs much i've seen it listed ait 25 watts per channel from one simple search.

a low power amp is fine for small speakers or small rooms but its not going to handle bigger loads well or inefficient speakers to higher volumes.

there is no way for you to increase the amplification power without redesigning the electronics inside (at which point just buy a new amp). more efficient speakers will net you a bit more volume (but that is a bandaid). its also possible to use higher power self powered speakers with a speaker to line level adapter (but this is bypassing the need for an amp so is also a bandaid).

want more power? use speakers rated for a higher wattage input/output and a bigger amplifier that can power them.

you might be able to tweak your sound with and eq, but you are still going to be bound by the limits of the amp and could get clipping if you went too far.
An audio amplifier power is fixed and can't be increase by any upgrade.

You can potentially, use more efficient speakers, and place speakers closer to ground/walls.

Sometime by adding a subwoofer gives it more umphhh, not necessarily louder.
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