Most capable secure browser?


Jul 8, 2010
I just built a new W10 PC and have been looking at browsers. I initially used the Epic browser and remarkably my various scanners didnt pick up a single tracking cookie. I couldnt believe it, for a week after heavy use of the internet there wasnt a single tracker found. Incredible.

However Plex is unstable in the Epic browser. So I went with the 64 bit latest version of Firefox. After 4 hours use I have 23 tracking cookies.

They are deleted automatically by my virus scanner every day, but it just amazed me the difference in browsers. If Epic could just work on the stability issues I'd switch back in a minute.

Any thoughts on browsers and browser security?
You're paying too much attention to minor "issues". What's the difference whether there will be a "tracking" cookie or not?

Bottom line: There are two or three "base building blocks" for browsers. With Web becoming so complex lately, there will be no new players around, so all the browsers use same parts.