Question Moto G4 must restart to use data/make calls. Will upgrading help?

Apr 28, 2019

I have a Moto G4, possibly one of the best phones ever. It has one fatal flaw: sometimes a lengthy restart is needed to use data or make a call. This is not only inconvenient, it could be dangerous if I need to make a call or access the Internet in an emergency. Does anyone know if upgrading to the Moto G7 will fix this problem? I do not see this bug listed as one of the bugs in the G7.

Well all phones can run into this problem. I have seen in in a wide variety of phones and across all brands.

It usually isn't a phone flaw some much as other issues. In most cases the phone hasn't been turned off (powered off) or restarted in quite a while and contrary to popular belief, they do need that. Like any other device (tablet, computer, etc.) the resources are finite. So when you don't allow it to shut down completely and then come back on, you can't get back all the resources you have used. Especially if you are the kind to leave apps open (even if you aren't actively using them) in the background. Then they are using up more and more resources. After a while the phone just needs to be restarted/powered down.

A restart shouldn't be 'lengthy'. Unless you are talking a 'reset' which means completely wiping the device and restoring it to its original state. Which would remove everything on the device.

If you want to avoid the getting stuck, no matter the device, then you need to shut down the phone and restart it on a more regular basis.
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