moveing os and programs to a new/old hdd


Apr 12, 2014
hi im new here and looking for advice on how to move my OS and programs to a new/old hdd

my laptop is a lenovo R60 IBM think pad. the hdd inside is only 50gb. the new one is a Hitachi 5k500 250gb.i would like to keep all my flies if its possible. im running Windows 7 ultimate 86x. thanks

ps i have a 500gb external hdd also


Oct 4, 2006
Disk cloning software is your friend. Since Western Digital owns Hitachi now, check with them for Acronis True Image WD Edition Software. Use of it is free on a computer equipped with a WD hard drive, but it may allow usage with your Hitachi.



Apr 12, 2014

thanks i will try this
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