Question MSI charger pin and port side over heating while gamming

May 22, 2021

My laptop model is MSI GE62vr7rf(recently got serviced with MSI), I am facing a charging issue with my laptop, After loading a game my laptop stops charging and I had to remove and refit the charger pin for it to resume charging. But as soon as charging starts, during the game, I noticed a sudden increase in heat near ac adapter area and my charging pin became too hot. But perfectly fine while not running games. (I tested the same three times and I had the same results). Previously I had this same type of charger port heating issue 2 years back and when I went to the MSI service center where they certified that my notebook and my charger are in good condition (note: I visited 3 times), but then one day all across my charger wire and the plastic near the pin port got melted, which MSI had to replace me under warranty. Is it a software issue or a hardware issue?
Likely a HW issue. When you are gaming, the laptop needs more power and will draw more from the external supply. Could be a design issue with that model. I would check the MSI forums to see if there are other complaints. How long ago did MSI do the replacement? Sounds like the problem was not fixed.