MSI GT72 vs ASUS G752 (cooling/build quality/reliability)


Apr 18, 2014
Hi Folks

So I'm looking at getting my first gaming laptop, exciting times XD

Iv been looking for about a year now. Checked out lots of reviews.
Amongst some of the better reviewers (eg Linus-tech-tips), there seems to be a common theme of overheating with gaming laptops.

The extended benchmark tests often expose poor cooling capabilities with many slim-form laptops.
A +1 hour gaming session with a portable i7 + 9**m laptop often seems to result in thermal throttling (+ instability and shortened hardware lifespan).

Given my lifestyle, the laptop won't need to be transported very often, so I figured a desktop-replacment style laptop would do.
Something with a heavy duty cooling system at the back.

I have narrowed my choices down to 2 options:

-ASUS G752 - VT

-MSI GT72 - 2QE

I was originally set on the ASUS but I have been hearing a few reports of poor quality-control from manufacturers.
individuals revieving faulty hardware when purchased new.

Just a few reports, but enough to get me concerned as reliability/ build quality is very important to me.

Was going to ask you chaps on your thoughts on the build quality and cooling capability of the above laptops?
Would you go with the MSI or the ASUS?
Or any other gaming laptop in the £1,200 range?

(If I am mistaken on my assumptions about laptop cooling, feel free to correct me)

Many thanks for your time
All the best



Nov 22, 2013
I would go with the msi, it probably has the better cooling, and def has the better gpu. Although it will be running hotter, so apples to apples it my still be louder then the asus at full drive. Still things like RAM can be upgraded cheaply, fixing the gpu solutions is not ideal.


Apr 18, 2014
Thanks for your input Jeff.

I did more research and came to the conclusion that the ASUS is more reliable/better cooling IF.... IF it has been manufactured to its intended design specification.
(ie, it has passed proper quality control)

But have been hearing more stories of poor quality control.

So I have purchased the ASUS, mainly because it's from, which have a good returns policy.
(If I am unhappy with product for ANY reason I can return it for full refund within 30 days ).

I will do my own quality control checks and if there are any issues, will return it for a full refund and get the MSI.

Most of the headache-cases regarding faulty laptops, usually involve dubious sellers/outlets trying to get rid of faulty laptops by passing the off as 'new'.

I trust Amazon returns department, the one selling the MSI laptop '' I have never used of heard off.

To be honest though, I kept changing me mind about which one to get, kind of just flipped a mental coin in ma head,,, landed on ASUS lol.