Question MSI laptop keeps shutting down

Jun 10, 2019
My MSI GL72 (Win 10) keep shutting down after 1 or 5 minute, it can boot into window but then shutting down after a "puff" noise. ( same with safe mode, recovery mode, window installation, bios setting...).

Things was fine 3 days ago, I was away for holiday and just come back. Nobody touching or using it (I live alone). No gaming during the last 1 year on this laptop, just some news reading before I go to bed (15-30 mins) but I still cleaning pretty regularly every 3 or 4 months.

Try every methods I can find on the internet, still zero luck. Things I had tried:

  • Remove battery and run with AC
  • Remove CMOS battery, AC and battery to "flush" CMOS battery (?)
  • Start computer in safe mode ( still shutdown)
  • Same with window recovery or installation
  • Remove HDD and run with only SDD (that has OS)
  • Remove both HDD and SDD ( it didn't boot into window but still shutting down)
  • Try other HDD (have OS)
  • Clean the laptop and apply new thermal paste
  • Clean the RAM
  • Change RAM socket
Anything I should try before bringing it to the repair shop? I honestly don't think it GPU related, is it because of the mainboard ot CPU?
Thanks a bunch.


May 13, 2009
Are there any USB devices connected to the laptop, if not then yes it's likely to be a problem with the motherboard or CPU. If you've got a esd wrist strap connect to ground yourself and have a look inside the laptop to see if the capacitors are in good condition, see if you can replace the CPU on that motherboard. You can always try using a second hand CPU for a day then return it if it still hasn't fixed the problem, if that works then you've diagnosed a CPU problem.
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