Multi Room Audio Question


Jun 17, 2016
Looking for advise regarding which receiver I should purchase to handle the use case I want. I have a left/right set of speakers already installed in the ceiling of my family room. I have a second set of speakers installed outside on my patio. Both speakers run old style wire connections with the red/black combination. I'd like to have 1 receiver, where I can toggle the output from the receiver between the 2 sets of speakers. All the receivers I've seen that allow multi-room functionality expect one of the sets of speakers to run on HDMI or newer connection methods. Mine are all old school. Thoughts on which receiver would work?

Since you don't need surround sound you can purchase a stereo receiver most of which will have a speaker selector switch built in for 2 pairs of speakers.
You could also use a surround sound receiver with a 2nd powered zone. This would allow each pair to play different sources at different volumes and gives you the option of a surround system later.
By the way speakers never ever have anything to do with HDMI inputs.