Question In-wall coax failure?

May 23, 2022
My rooftop antenna comes into the basement where it meets a splitter.
One side goes to Living Room TV, and the other to a back room wall plate about 50-60 feet away.
Yesterday, the TV connected to the wall plate lost the antenna connection. I replaced the Coax between the wall plate and TV, and it still failed to find a signal.
I then took an old set of rabbit ears and connected those directly to the TV and got all the channels without any issues. The living room TV is still connected to the splitter and is receiving all the channels as normal.
It would seem the issue is the run between the splitter and the wallplate (in-wall coax). Can older Coax (this was installed over 15 years ago) just suddenly go bad? Would putting in a new run solve the issue?
While it's possible it went bad (I think the same happened to my sister's house), but more than likely, something chewed through just enough of it to make it fail. If you don't mind the effort of running the new line, I don't see any harm in doing so. If it works, great! if not, well you still have rabbit ears.

-Wolf sends