Multi zone audio question

Apr 9, 2018
Good afternoon and thank you in advance for any help I get. I recently moved into a custom built house, with a multi-zone audio system installed. Unfortunately the house was not custom built by me and I have no idea how to use the system to its full potential. I am a home audio NEWB, I know nothing and am looking to educate myself.

Each room in the house has a speaker in the ceiling, as well as a faceplate with IR capability, source selection and volume control.

The speakers and face-plates are wired to a mane hub in my living room, and connected to a multi-zone controller/Amp.

The only way I've been able to figure out so far how to play audio to the speaker at all, is to hook up a source, via a 3.5mm audio cable to the Zone 6 input in the amp. I then need to walk to each individual faceplate, turn it on and select the Zone 6. I would love to have each zone turn on automatically when the amp is powered on.

I could not locate a model number or brand for the controller/amplifier.

Ideally, I would like to be able to stream music wireless, via either airplay or bluetooth, I just have no idea how to accomplish this with one source of music, let alone multiple sources. At first I thought maybe an AV receiver could accomplish this, at least with one source... I came up on a Denon AV receiver that is able to be controlled via airplay. I cannot figure out how to hook the receiver to the amp to stream the music though...

Any advice is greatly appreciated. I would like to use the equipment that is already installed, if the receiver does not have the capability to be used, I dont have a problem selling it and replacing it with a better option.

Trying to attach PICS below...

if the pics dont show up, the below links should get there.

The Denon receiver doesn't have any line level outputs so you would need a speaker to line level converter and its; remote to use it with the house audio system. You could leave it on one radio station with the volume set and not need the remote but would only get that one station.
The best solution would be to use Sonos Connects or Denon HeosLinks as your sources.
You can use 1 for the whole house, one for each room, or any number in between. They would be controlled by phone and tablets but the keypads would still turn the zone on and set the max volume. You could choose to leave the keypads on, or connect them at the controller and just use the Sonos or Heos phone apps if you got one for each room. The advantage of these is simple control made to do exactly what you want without having to be an IT guy.
You could use Airport express' for Airplay or bluetooth receivers but it would require a lot more work for most folks and may not be as user friendly for all members of your household. Not the cheapest solution but you could start with one and add more later.
You might be able to use a computer running Airfoil as a multizone source.
You can download the manual for your system here.
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