Multiple Monitors on a desktop


Jan 23, 2015
I have an hp laptop, and two monitors hooked up to it. We will say that the laptop screen is Screen A, the monitor set as the main desktop is Screen B, and the problem monitor is Screen C. When i have my laptop open, all three screens function properly. However, when i close the laptop, Screen C will, more often than not, go into power saving mode. Sometimes i have repeatedly open and close the laptop screen just to get screen C to display. There are other times while im in this process that screen C wont show up at all. And when i was trying to trouble shoot this with the screen resolution screen open, i can clearly see Screen A becoming visible/not visible as i open/close it. Screen C and B are always visible in this screen, but physically, Screen C won't Always display. Any Feedback comments and/or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks~!