Multiple speaker outputs via bluetooth, multiple microphone inputs via wifi?

Jul 17, 2018
I am looking for a solution to a problem that requires the least amount of equipment. I use a lot of audio in my classroom - from videos, mp3, etc but also students speaking out. The acoustics in the class are awful - many of the students also have very tiny voices, so they cannot be heard. I would like to be able to connect 3 speakers via bluetooth to a sound system - my notebook? - and distribute the speakers throughout the class so that everyone can hear. I also would like to be able to connect at least 3 microphones to the sound system - computer. I will keep one continually and 2 others will be passed around as needed. I have read that some bt speakers can be connected to three sources. Is it possible to connect 3 bt speakers to one source? The only solution I can find for the microphones is to buy a set that has a transmitter with either 2 or 4 microphones connected to it. Is there any way to get around needing the transmitter for the microphone part? I teach in 22 different classrooms each week, so am looking for a way to minimize what I have to carry. BTW, I will be using an ASUS tablet with a quadcore atom cpu.
WIreless mic systems have to have a central receiver. These have an output for each mic so you will need a mixer with at least 3 mic inputs and 1 line level input for the audio part of the presentation.
You can pair 3 JBL bluetooth speakers that are compatible with their Connect+ app to a single transmitter which could be attached to the output of the mixer.
Seems like too much gear to haul around and set up in each classroom. The school should be addressing this problem not you. There should be a place for you to plug in the AV output of the tablet and speakers and mics installed in each classroom.
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