Question Multipoint Bluetooth - priority issue

May 28, 2020
Hi guys, I have a Bose headset with microphone - I use it for calls on my phone and it works great. Working from home, I also want to connect it to my PC for WebEx/Skype etc. This works fine too.

Problem is though, that there seems to be a priority issue - when only connected to my pc, audio and microphone work fine - when I connect to my phone, it takes over the audio and microphone connection - as soon as I disconnect from my phone, my audio and microphone returns to the pc.

Any clues where the issue is here? Phone is a Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, PC is running Windows 10, external bluetooth adapter (USB)



Can't really make out what you are trying to say, the headset should take over the audio and mic connections when it's connected. You need to set the default to something else or disconnect it when you don't want to use it.
May 28, 2020
So the bluetooth connection is active to both phone and PC - but microphone and headphones will only work with phone - as soon as I disconnect bluetooth to phone, both microphone and headphones are active on the PC connection.
What I was hoping for (and I thought the point of Multipoint bluetooth) is that I could flick between phone and pc connections without disconnecting one or the other
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