Multiuse Laptop, $1000 budget, other specific requirements


Sep 4, 2013
I'm looking for a laptop that I can use for work (will mostly involve Matlab and C++ programming in Visual Studio, with some LaTex and Excel) that I can also use for some not-too-intensive games (Civilization 5 maybe) for long flights. I have been given a $1000 budget from work to buy this, but I am willing to add on maybe $300 of my own money to get something of better quality.

- 1920x1080 display (1920x1200 would be best, but I don't think those are available?)
- 15 - 16" anti-glare screen
- relatively large keyboard. I have massive hands, and because I'll be doing so much programming mistypes area a big no-no.
- Windows/Linux dual-boot compatible

Qualities in order of importance:
- durability
- keyboard size
- processing power for CPU-intensive applications (like Matlab)
- battery life
- graphics capability

I have been looking into Lenovo a fair bit, but am unimpressed. Their T-series Thinkbook has a dinky little keyboard that just won't work, and their Y-series Ideabook has a glossy screen with horrible battery life. I'm really quite lost, and am hoping you have some good suggestions.