My Acer Aspire One manufactured in 2012 was attacked brutally by two hackers with multiple software embedded programming I had


Dec 17, 2017
I need a PDF on what to set my performance options and my presets and my windows and all that I need to know what to say each one at for example what is my virtual memory setting should be for total page file size for all drivers
For what it is worth - your question should not be written entirely in the post' title, as is it mostly lost.

Second - if your laptop was compromised, and you don't know how to check / clean it - do a clean install, or factory restore. Optimizing it (your questions on the body of your post) should be your last worry,
Your post title is way too long - - it should be in the main message box, with just half-a-dozen words for the title.

On your laptop, start afresh by performing a Factory Restore.

When that's done, install a robust, third-party Firewall straight away, and keep it up to date.
Recommended best free one:

I've been using it myself for 10 years or more - - never been successfully hacked.