My Acer E 14 won't charge after charger caused a spark in the outlet

Feb 3, 2019
My Acer E 14 laptop won't charge after I plugged it in the power outlet and caused a spark. I inspected the charger and saw a little tear in its cord and thought this might be why it wasn't charging. So I tried other chargers, one from a RoG laptop and another Acer charger. But it still didn't charge. Maybe the issue itself is in the laptop? I don't know. As of now, my laptop won't turn on because of critical low battery. Please help :(
Trying alternate chargers that are for different types of devices may not get good results. However, considering your 'spark' issue, I would really suggest you have the device looked at by a tech. Either contact the manufacturer, if the laptop is under warranty, or a local tech and see if they can help you resolve the issue.

It might be a simple case of needing a new battery (which then I would get OEM and not aftermarket, for any part actually), or it could be the charger caused damage, the charger needs replacing, to many options. Have it looked at.
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