My Acer laptop is frozen


Aug 28, 2017
My Acer laptop is approximately 3 years old and it is already slow to start up. Today after it started up, all my icons and even the toolbar disappeared, leaving only my desktop background. My cursor is able to move around but none of the buttons work. Not CTRL+ALT+DEL. Not CTRL+SHIFT+ESC. Not even the power button. It is just completely frozen.

I'm unable to remove the battery but I currently have it unplugged.

Does anybody know what is going on with my laptop and how I may be able to shut it down for now, and possibly fix it to prevent this from happening again in the future?

Edit: I was finally able to get it into safe mode after letting it sit in hibernation all night. I started it up regularly as well and it actually started up pretty quickly, but then began to freeze again after a few minutes of browsing. This time however I was able to use CTRL+ALT+DEL to shut it down.