Solved! My ASUS X453M suddenly shut down while I was typing, it has no lights on the indicator even if it is charged and it won't turn on.

Feb 8, 2019
My Asus X454M crashed/shut down (I am not good at technological terms) while I was typing a document. The indicator lights are not lit, and I tried pressing the power button and it won't turn on. I pressed it again, and it suddenly started up, and shut down again after a sec or less. No indicator lights again and nothing is happening. Please help meee. I tried pressing the power button for 20 secs and nothing happens. My laptop is more than 3 years old, and I currently have no money to fix it. And I need the files in my laptop ASAP. Please help me.
Sounds like you should have it looked by a tech. There are many things that can cause that problem and they would be hardware rather than software issues.