My ASUS X540S does not power on from battery

Oct 4, 2018
Since the second half of august ( apparently just after a windows 10 update ), my asus x540s laptop
which was working fine showed the following problems:

1 ) il does not power on when it is not connected to the AC adapter: when I press the power button
the power remains off and the computer does not start

2) When connected to the AC adapter it works fine but the battery does not charge even though its
icon is indicating it is in charge: I noticed that the amount of energy in the battery remains
constant even when the laptop is connected to the AC adapter for hours, In the first hour or so
the charging led is on continuously and after a while it starts blinking ( it always has an orange color ).
When I shut down Windows and the laptop is turned off, that led continues to blink with lower frequency
and its color does not change

3) When connected to the AC adapter it works fine but when I remove the AC adapter the laptop is turned
off immediately since the battery could power it

4) The battery is loosing 2% of its energy every day: yesterday it was 40% full, today it is only
38% full and the day before it was 42% full

THank you