my beats studio head phones appear to be under the command of my iPhone. Whenever I have my iPhone turned on in the room and m


Dec 9, 2016
When listening to Youtube running on Chrome on my Beats headphones on my Assus W7 laptop, the music I hear goes on and off, being on about 10% of the time for a fraction of a second, then going off for the remainder. To move the audio over to the headphones I go to playback devices and make the headphones my default device.

In addition, whenever my iPhone is turned on, it appears to get all the attention from my Beats Headphone, causing me to turn it off when I attempt to use the headphones with my Windows 7 laptop.

Next, when listening to Youtube on my iPhone, the Beats Headphones work with any application that is produced by Apple, but not for example Google, in particula the Google App running Youtube will not play music through the Beats Headphones. Is this a deliberate attempt by the two companies to make the other look bad or just poor support.



What model beats are they? Have you got latest drivers for both it and laptop?

So I assume the beats are wireless headphones as I can't see how the Iphone would take control any other way. Are the headphones set as default output on the phone? I don't have an iphone so I don't know where to look to check that, the phone must be matched to the device.

I thought Apple had a relationship with Beats, what 2 companies?