My computer can not run games anymore

Sep 14, 2020
I uprgaded the cpu in my 4 year old computer, a lenovo Think centre with an I5-6400 to a I7-6700k (motherboard Skybay 40700 win 32580418). the computer runs everyting works excep when i try to run a game. FO76 or example i get past the menues an when the world is loding the game crashes and goes back to windows, that happens with all games, i have updated all drivers i can update, i got a new more powerful psu. i dont know what to do (the gpu is a nvidia gtx 970)


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Likely issues are heat or BIOS related. The 6700k will run hotter than the 6400. Also, the motherboard may need a BIOS update to work properly with the new CPU.