My computer "forgets" it's connected to my TV as a monitor


Aug 18, 2012
I have a Polaroid HDTV and I recently got a new computer (Dell Inspiron) and I can't seem to keep them connected. I've used the TV frequently in the past to connect to my laptop via HDMI without trouble. My new computer has an HDMI port so I figured I'd just use my TV as a monitor and save a few bucks. I was never able to connect them via HDMI as "NOT SUPPORT" kept flashing across the TV so I switched to a VGA connection and voila, it worked. I turned it on and set up everything. And now it doesn't.
I've tried restarting the computer a few times. It will display the startup screen on the TV, then switch to the TV's default "no signal" screen. It decides to no longer be connected and nothing I do seems to convince it otherwise. Any thoughts?


Feb 19, 2009
Some television sets explicitly don't allow use as a PC monitor via HDMI. You can attempt to force your video card to output 720p/60HZ, 1080i/60, or 1080p/60 depending on the television's resolution capablities. This can trick the monitor into thinking it has a standard video device via HDMI. VGA is normally restricted to a specific resolution. Check your television set's manual, it will tell you the resolution VGA supports, then simply match that output from your screen resolution control panel.