My entry-gaming laptop run so slow

Feb 16, 2018
So, this is is the case.
I just bought an ASUS FX553VD a week ago. It was running well at the first time i used. But now, it runs very slow like a 5 years old laptop. For example, once i want to open ms edge, it should open about 5 sec or faster, but sometime i have to wait 15 sec. Also when i played a game, it runs smoothly, but sometimes it freeze about 2 sec every 1 min. I dont have any idea for this problem. I need ur help. Thank you.

PS :
All i have done are reinstalling windows, defragging disk (although 0% fragment), cleaning background process (ik it dont help at all). And now im suspecting the disk, its respons time is way too high, sometimes floating from 20 ms to 2k-3k ms. Also, i would like to change my win 10 pro to win 10 enterprise.


If you want to change pro to enterprise, purchase the license from MS and change it. Not sure why you would want to though there is nothing in that version for home users. I would not use MS Edge, that thing is horrible, use IE or Chrome. You should be able to scan the disk for errors, there maybe a utility in the BIOS or check with ASUS support site for a disk check utility. If not specific for your system, you can try Seatools from Seagate.

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