my galaxy S6 had electrical issue, phone replace, some pictures in the cloud but can't recover downloaded ones or videos


Jun 14, 2016
Samsung galaxy 6 short circuited. I received a replacement and there were some pictures stored in the "cloud" but a large amount of wedding pictures are missing, downloads gone and videos gone. The screen on my old phone won't even light up.....HELP !
Well, if the images are not in the cloud then, although I hate to say it, they may be gone.

If you can get your old phone connected to a computer via USB and if, and that is a big "IF", you can get the computer to 'see' the device when connected, you may be able to get the images off the device. "Maybe". If they were on the SD card you would have more luck as they should still be on it, however if the card was formatted as "internal" rather than "external" storage, that may be a tad harder to do.

Other than this, I know of no way to get the images back.

This is why I am always telling people to please regularly back up things to a cloud account or computer. Don't rely on automatic syncing and uploading. And don't leave stuff only on the device (phone, tablet, etc.) It is just to easy to lose the stuff.

The same goes for addresses on the device. You can easily back up the info and save to a cloud account or a computer. You could also try like I do and 'write them in an address book' on top of saving to a computer. You never know when a computer can have meltdown.