My home theater system will play dvd sound but not tv sound


Aug 24, 2016
I have an LG TV (code 42LH50-UC.AUSVLHR) with one HDMI input and a Sony Home Theatre System (DAV-HDX265) with one HDMI input. Everything was working perfectly fine but I wanted to use our Bluray player so i switched the hdmi cord to the bluray player instead of the home theatre, and whenever i switched them back the theatre will no longer play tv sound. I played a movie and put the theatre on the function DVD and the sound played perfectly. There are also the red and white cables connected to TV/VIDEO input and outputs.

Also my tv gets channels through a cable box and the red and white cables are connecting from that cable box to the home theatre.

Picture of the back of my CABLE BOX:

I have 3 cables - red and white (audio) and yellow (video). On my home theatre there is only one spot for each so that is easy to see that's right.
The TV cannot OUTPUT sound, it can only INPUT.

Since you are watching TV THROUGH cable box, that's where your TV signal comes from, logic dictates, if you wish sound from TV (cable box), directly connect cable box ---> Receiver.

Yes, you have to go through loops, inconvenience etc.... but that's what happens when your receiver can only do 1 HDMI.


Aug 24, 2016

Thanks for responding.
Yes, I have 3 cables that are running directly from my cable box to my home theatre. A red, white, and yellow one. Red and white being audio and yellow being video. I switched back the HDMI cord that was plugged into the bluray player back into the home theatre.
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