My HP 2000 won't charge but indicates charging light

Sep 14, 2018
I charged my system with a small gen, it was not the first time I used a small generator to charge it but it was the first time I used that particular gen to charge... After charging (unplugged), I tried putting the system on but it kept indicating low battery (at the charging light indicator)... I plugged it again, turned it on, and placed the cursor on the battery icon at the tool bar which indicated "0% plugged in, charging".
I turned it off and tried turning it on (plugged) while booting it shut down (while displaying the windows logo). It did same several times so I removed the battery and tried turning it on with the Ac adapter only (no battery) but it won't even turn on (No power lights but it indicates that the AC adapter is connected.
After some time, I tried turning it on with the battery (unplugged), and it won't even show any light indicating low battery or power. I started thinking it was the Mother board.
The first troubleshoot was to insert the battery in another system that uses the same battery and it charged from 1% up.
I returned the battery to my system and the system came up. I plugged another charger to the system and it indicated 92% charging. But it wasn't charging cos it reduced as if it wes not charging. The charging indicator also shows orange. I tried to power it without the battery using the new AC adapter, it only indicated the white light at the charging indicator but it didn't come up.... Now I'm sure it's not the mother board... But I don't know if it could be the charging port that needs repairs.
Sep 14, 2018
Sorry! I didn't understand the arrow keys at the, side of your comment. I thought it would scroll down to reply and I tried voting it up again but it not responding.
The HP 2500 was a typographical error. I meant to type Hp 2000.
And the adapter is the exact type you mentioned.
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