My Lap-Top drops fps from 300 to 50 before it was ok but NOW it's awful !


Dec 27, 2015
Hi guys ,

It appears from the title that I have issue with my FPS ( Frame Per Second). Well , I was playing League of legends and I have FPS varying from ( 250 - 300) and all of a sudden my Lap-Top shuts down and I've ran to the technical support luckily my insurance still on. It appears that the Motherboard has broke down and they've changed it, but the issue now when I'm playing the game my fps like shit varies (50- 100) with a lot of lags.On top of that , the loading screen it takes so long. Well , I went to the technical support again and I've explained the problem but they cannot do anything because as they said " the problem isn't with the hard ware" , so since I've updated all the drivers and everything, but still the main and only mysterious question is (where the problem is coming from?) is it from Hard Drive ( HDD) ? I think it's since the power cuts off and maybe it got partially damaged also I've heard sounds and clicking but it comes and goes.

My Lap-Top is : Acer v15 nitro - Black Edition

Specs :
15.6in 1,920 x 1,080 display; Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M graphics; Intel Core i7-4710HQ processor; 16GB RAM; 2TB hard disk Manufacturer: Acer



Dec 27, 2015
you can run some checks and see how your hdd is perfoming, try hdd tune, it has multiple tests, troubleshooting and benchmark options, then compare your results with base results (you can get those off google). if you dont know what kind of hdd you have, go to device manager -> disk drives. Clicking and weird noises are usually associated with hdd's or your cpu fan, but if the guys at the service check say there's no issue with the hardware it's most likely your hdd since its generally unsafe to open it up and they probably didnt do that.
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