My laptop always starts witht he lenova logo and then ends no matter what i do, with a black screen.

Apr 18, 2018
I tried several of different things so as my laptop wouldn't start the windows 10 update the windows logo+ r to access the command prompt and make sure it wouldn't update. another one i pressed the novo button to make it to where the windows 10 wouldn't forcefully update. In the end it worked for a good month but then while i was asleep it must've tried to update, i tried to turn it on and all it would do was either be the lenova logo with a circle of dots or the lenova logo and preparing automatic repair. I tried to use the novo button and factory reset it but even then it ends witht eh lenova logo and shortly after the same black screen. i just want to know if i can fix it or if i shouldnt try to salvage it and buy another laptop.