My laptop is in a endless updating loop. It will try to install updates and then cant comolete the updates and will uninstall.

Jun 6, 2018
My laptop is a hp with Windows 10. It is in a endless update loop. It will say that is installing updates almost get to 100% and then say it can not complete updates. Then it will say it's uninstalling the updates and doesn't stop. How do I get it out of this loop? How do I stop this from happening again?
if it has a ssd as a boot drive it the new update that the issue.. some ssd and bios are causing windows to crash. microsoft send a update that was buggy. try making a windows boot usb stick from the window media creation tool. go into debug mode and click on go back to last known working windows. or if it there to uninstall the last update. if you cant get out of the reboot use the boot usb stick to back your data up and the nrun the laptop restore.

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