My laptop Keyboard is typing the wrong characters

Ragukulan ramadoss

Jul 12, 2015
Hi ppl,
My laptop typing wrong characters for particular key's only ..... when i type " p " it writes " * " ...when i type " 0 " (zero) writes " / " .......some days i use external keyboard with my laptop ....then i removed external keyboard ...then only this problem started ... plz help me

Gin Gin

Oct 15, 2015

The same thing is ha**ening to me. I can not use my letter *...../...everything on the right side from the 9 over / - = and the letter O over * [ ] \ . The letter L works but - ... and ' works.
The letter M , ..., but + does not work. I use an external keyboard that I *lug into my usb. When I need to use the la*to* key board it does this. I need to save how to fix it because I get tired of texting my tech su**ort at work everytime.


Jul 18, 2016
I had an issue with my keyboard. Using a K750 Logitech with my laptop. Worked perfectly for weeks, then today, it started doing crazy stuff. Would not type a "z", would type "-L" instead of just "L", the decimal key on the key pad worked as a delete key - it would go to the first space of the line and then delete, type a "q" and would get " q".

I tried changing language settings, uninstalling all the keyboard drivers and reinstalling, rebooting many times over, changing where I plugged in the USB receiver.

Finally, I decided to take out the battery. It is found at the top, middle, back of the keyboard. I had to pry it open with a putty knife. I took it out and put it right back in. Keyboard now works perfectly. Go figure.

Hope this helps you. I couldn't find anything online to fix my problem.


May 9, 2016

Had the same problem. All you need to do is plug in the keyboard press then num lock key and unplug it. Should be working.
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