My micromax a62 is not switch on

Girish Tanwar

Jun 16, 2015
My micromax a62 is not turn on because i am root my micromax a62 then i will install CWM recovery and i am creating backup in CWM RECOVERY then i will takeout my battery i don't know why i am takeout my battery in micromax a62 then i am insert battery in my android phone so i am switch on my micromax a62 but the phone is not switch on so please help me for switch on my micromax a62 again
A bit hard to sort out what happened here, take out battery, insert battery, what exactly did you do to the phone?

If it does not turn on at all, you need to either try a new battery or replace the phone.



If the phone is not turning on at all after you removed the battery then you either installed it wrong or broke something while taking it out. Need to replace the phone or bring it to a repair shop to be looked at.