My number keys on the right side of the keyboard is not working....plse tell me how to solve it....?

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Nov 16, 2017
I bought a acer aspire laptop in that number keys which are present on the right side of keypad not works only when i req to give my unlock password to my laptop..after that it's not working..plse help me..


Are the numbers keys dedicated numbers keys, or are they shared keys with other keys on the keyboard (letters, colon, question mark, etc.). In either case there should be a num lock key somewhere that makes them numbers keys when selected.


Nov 21, 2006
Did you click the Num Lock key?

If you want the Num Lock settings to stay open Power Options in the Control Panel. Click on "Choose what the power buttons do". Uncheck "Turn on fast startup" then click Save changes. If it is greyed out click "Change Setting that are currently unavailable" text.
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