My personal Facebook account has been mistakenly disabled for pretending to be someone.

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Nov 7, 2016
Hi guys, it's has been 4 days now since my account got mistakenly disabled by Facebook for pretending to be someone.

Basically, what happened is. I reported an account that pretending to be me instead there is a confusion and my account got disabled instead of the fake one
here is my facebook account

I tried to reach facebook via appeal form got an email back but it said
'Thanks for contacting us. It looks like the report you submitted belongs in a different channel. Please log into your Facebook account and follow the on-screen instructions to report this issue.
(I've tried every other form as well such as ID verification etc. same result)

I tried to reply back to the support box that informs me about my ban, showed my passport, University ID card, and my name change form yesterday haven't heard anything back yet, also I've sent the passport, University ID card and my name change form via confirm identity form so many times I think I reply to them like everyday till today haven't heard anything from them.

I really do need my account back since it has all of my elementary school friends contact, access to my artwork page, pictures, artist pages I liked and contact for my Uni group project.

I am really getting depress right now and I have no Idea how to reach facebook and tell them.
What should I do? or Is it suppose to be this long? or is my account gone for good?

Thank you
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