My screen goes black when I left my computer for a while (after an SSD and CADDY were installed )


Dec 22, 2016
My screen goes black after not using my laptop for about half an hour, this problem had came after I installed an SSD on my computer at the HDD place , and moved my HDD in a caddy and place in the DVD place. I also update all my drivers to the last version and the problem is still going. So if you can help me in this one I would really appreciate it.

Nvidia GeForce 720M
Intel core i5
Samsung 840 Evo 256GB SSD
ORICO 2.5 inch HDD Caddy SATAIII
Have you checked in your power settings to make sure it is set up to do this?

Check in "Control Panel" and then "Power Options". Next click "Change plan settings", next to the one you are using and on the next screen click "Change advanced power settings". In this new window, check at least "Display" and "Hard Disk" to see if either is set to turn off at any point. You may wish to check the other setting areas as well.


Nov 3, 2013

Thanks but that’s not my case
I talk to a technician that told me that my motherboard
which is the emachine
MCP73VT -PM has that drawback,I ask him if I could
install an external GPU but he
told me that will happend the same.I think that I will have to buy another motherboard and
this is the second one.. We can not trust in buying things
that have been use it or old
like in ebay.

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