My son’s computer needs help

Feb 1, 2019
Was going to fresh install of windows 10, but the USB drive was not being recognized by the computer after trying every USB port. He tried launching Microsoft creation tool on the desktop and it went through normal installation phase, but when it came to load the the driver on the partition it still wouldn’t be recognized. It restarted and loaded up like it was fresh install and he went to update drivers, one of them froze halfway and he went to restart the computer again it became caught in restarting loop. That’s pretty much where we are at now. At the moment it’s been shutdown and been

Saga Lout

Olde English
The BIOS probably failed to find a bootable USB drive rather than just all the USB ports.

Hopefully, he didn't lose all the data he had on that disk. How did he create the USB stick to make it bootable? Rufus is a good utility for that, once you get a ISO of the right version of Windows 10 from Microsoft's website.