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  1. C

    My son’s computer needs help

    Was going to fresh install of windows 10, but the USB drive was not being recognized by the computer after trying every USB port. He tried launching Microsoft creation tool on the desktop and it went through normal installation phase, but when it came to load the the driver on the partition it...
  2. A

    Solved! USB transfers files to a "DEVICE" inside it and creates a shortcut to a drive

    Hello all, I plugged my USB drive today and all the files on it were missing, after enabling the hidden files view option I found out that they were moved to a invisible folder called "DEVICE" and also a shortcut to a "removable drive" was created. I suppose the drive got infected somehow...
  3. S

    Solved! Toshiba Satellite L655D-S5095 no software or disc window 7

    What can I use and what software can I download to a phone or usb drive. Desperate answer please help
  4. G

    Can someone explain how to use SeaTools for me?

    I already downloaded what it said to download on a USB drive but im clueless on what to do after that.
  5. J

    My computer won't update due to not enough space no matter what thumb drive or SD storage I try . How can I just start fresh a

    My computer won't update due to not enough space no matter what thumb drive or SD storage I try . How can I just start fresh and delete everything on it
  6. C

    Solved! Can my PC get infected with a virus from a shared USB drive?

    I've read about malware infecting computers from an infected USB drive so I got a bit worried. I recently used one of my flash drives to give some files to a co-worker. He plugged the flash drive in, transferred the files to his computer and and gave the drive back a minute later. Would it be...
  7. G

    how do i make my RCA cambio101-cs to boot from a thumb drive

    how do i make my RCA cambio101-cs to boot from a thumb drive
  8. G

    does the sceptre x40 model play video

    I have a sceptre model x40 that i need to show a video on at a trade show , does it play a video from a thumb drive or just show pictures
  9. R

    Solved! which movie formats can i play through usb stick in usb drive of epson 5650 projector ?

    I have Epson Projector model 5650
  10. L

    My usb don't work on my Element tv

    My usb drive don't play usb drive On my Element tv
  11. l3tr1xingame

    SmartTV doesn't recognize USB drives than have been used as Boot Drives before

    Recently I was using a new USB drive because olders didn't work on my Samsung SmartTV for unknown reasons. Today I used the new USB drive for making a Boot Drive for installing Windows 10, worked well, but after formating as Fat32 and trying to use it on my TV, it didn't get recognized anymore...
  12. A

    How do you protect a flash drive while plugging it onto a infected PC.

    So, I was trying to do a backup with my USB drive on my teachers laptop because her laptop is infected but I have a question first. How do you even prevent getting the clean USB drive infected before plugging it into the infected computer? Because I am risking my flash drive and I want to know...
  13. A

    When I tried to run Kali from bootable pendrive it says EFI USB drive has been blocked by current policy..

    EFI USB drive (toshiba toshiba) has been blocked by current security policy...
  14. Lutfij

    How To Install Windows On Laptop With Broken Screen

    Life ends up dishing out the most unexpected of events. You were just preparing to install Windows on your laptop until someone brushed up against the power brick and snagged the laptop to fall you’re your desk space, corner first onto a hard marbled floor. Now you have a broken screen and you’d...
  15. Lutfij

    How To Install Windows Laptops Without CD Drive

    Advancements in technology and improved lithography have paved the way towards powerful components on a smaller die package. This eventually gave birth to slimmer, lower profile laptops. Although providing a solution, it’s brought up challenges and compromises along the way. Do you have a laptop...
  16. W

    how to boot the os from the usb drive if it is failing to boot from the usb?

    i did the invalid partition, then the pc its failing to recognize the operating system from both the hard drive and the usb what can i do.
  17. L

    My f10 doesn't work

    I got a acer one old laptop I'm trying to factory reset it without a reset disk my F10 does not work what other way can I do it without having a USB drive or reboot disk
  18. P

    BitLocker on multiple systems?

    I was wondering how to go about having one USB drive/key open 2 different systems encrypted with Bitlocker Or is this even possible?
  19. J

    Have Lock Will Travel

    hello all - RE: Folder Lockers. When I lock a folder on a USB drive, I want it to remain locked regardless of which pc the USB is used with. The locker program would obviously reside on the USB drive. So which Folder Locker does this ? - a freebie is preferable. thanks - Jay
  20. sparky6112

    Solved! What is the best and safest software for formatting drives such as usb and hard drives?

    Hello community. I'm trying to format my usb pendrive with one of those softwares which do offer low level options like Gutmann, DoD or filling with zeros to wipe all data. I used Active DVD tools on Windows XP SP3 for years, but I always had the problem that happened after formating my...
  21. S

    My Computer cant read any SD cards.

    So I bought a new SD card and when i went to open it, it loaded for a long time and said "please insert disk." I thought maybe the card was corrupted so I tried it on my phone and it works just fine. I then tried my phone's SD card and it also didn't working. So fine i thought the sd card port...
  22. B

    lost photos in cut and paste

    Windows 10 on Sony Vaio 64 bit laptop I was sending files to my USB 512 GB thumb drive so those files are still on my laptop. Problem: I decided to cut and paste some folders of photos to the thumb drive. They took a long time like it was actually cutting and pasting. When it was done the...
  23. B

    Solved! Stereo With Built-In MP3 Player

    I'm looking for an AM-FM shelf system with a built-in MP3 player which can accept a USB thumb drive loaded with MP3 files. I don't need CD capability, nor to I want to jack in an external MP3 player. My Sansa MP3 player (5cm x 3cm) has ALL the functionality that I require (Display, Shuffle, Sort...
  24. M

    Problem with booting, recoverying and fresh install

    Hi everyone I have very strange problem with Lenovo G50-30 1. Cant boot system normally. After splash only black screen (waited around 30 minutes). 2. Cant recovery system from USB drive. After splash on the top left corner five blue squares showed up. Nothing more for about another 30...
  25. S

    Shredding my recovery(for windows10) very slow

    I had created my recovery pendrive for windows 10(that was preinstalled). But i am unable to recover my laptop again from this pendrive(i dont know why after compleating 80-99% of recovery process it is showing a message "thete was some problem to recover this pc") so i shredding this pendrive...
  26. H

    Laptop wouldn't boot from a bootable Windows 10 USB drive

    The drive is bootable, I have checked it on another PC About 6 months or so ago, I installed Windows 10 32 bit version by mistake but didn't bother to fix at the time. Now I want to install 64bit version. I have made a bootable drive, but it's not booting up in the laptop (with 32bit Windows...
  27. J

    I need to access my thumb drive. When I put it in, it does not show up on the screen. I've tried to external devices in finder

    I need to access my thumb drive. When I put it in, it does not show up on the screen. I've tried to external devices in finder, not there at all. Utilities, nothing there either. I don't normally use a thumb drive so please
  28. J

    windows 10 thinks it is running from USB drive

    windows 10 with aniversary upgrade running well try to install developers edition , says this pc cannot run win 10 intel core i5 -2400, x64, 4 GB ram ; 64bit oS win10 version 1607 I saw a hint somewhere mentioning a registry key setting but couldnt fint the same key in my registry
  29. H

    How to set up TV to autoplay USB videos when turned on

    Currently, my company has a Sharp Aquos TV. Right now they want it to play videos from USB drive automatically when it is turned on. I tried to search for the settings but nothing seems to be able to do that. Is it even possible for the TV to do it?
  30. A

    When I try to watch a movie from a USB drive that is not in 16:9 format, the image looks stretched. The TV stretches the image

    When I try to watch a movie from a USB drive that is not in 16:9 format, the image looks stretched. The TV stretches the image to fit its 16:9 aspect ratio, creating distorted images. E.g. the image is vertically stretched when playing a 21:9 movie, and horizontally stretched when watching a 4:3...
  31. N

    Apire E 14

    My acer laptop keep saying preparing automatic prepare it does that then it goes to a blue error screen and it keep doing that repeatedly. I have to create a usb drive so i can format my laptop but how can i create one if my laptop wont start up
  32. S

    regarding booting windows 7

    hi , i had tried to change my operating system so i booted windows 7 in usb drive. it get detected during the booting time by pressing f8 key but when i select it blank screen appears with cursor blinking and my old operating system win 8 get started how to solve this please help
  33. D

    will magnet closure on my laptop degause a credit card strip?

    My hp envy is very magnetic at corners. metal objects stick. If I place my credit card or thumb drive, etc. next to the touchpad (which is where magnet is strongest) am I damaging my credit card?
  34. LaCalia

    Acer Swift 3 Not Detecting USB Drive In BIOS

    Hello everyone! I've just got my new Acer Swift 3 that someone right here on Tom's recommended I purchase and I'm thrilled with it so far let me just say. However, I'm trying to format and reinstall w10 I got into the BIOS but I can't find my USB to boot from. Anyone know what's going on...
  35. J

    Boot from a USB Drive with your HP Spectre X360

    If you want to boot your HP Spectre X360 from a USB drive, you have two options. You can boot just that once or permanently from it. Both will then cause the laptop to ignore your installed OS and choose whatever is installed on the USB key instead. As long as the USB contains bootable media, it...
  36. M

    usb drive use

    safely remove USB drive
  37. J

    trojan dectected on clean system

    I recently did a clean install of windows 10 from a usb drive. After installing Vipre Security Suite it detects a trojan, trojan.downloader.JQUA. How do I get rid of this. Reinstalling windows isn't helping.
  38. G

    What OS is best to run from a USB drive?

    Hello all! Today I received a Panasonic Toughbook CF-45, the vintage 1999 or sometime around that version. So, the only downside, is that I just ran out of IDE hard drives. (the last one went to a customer) I already bought one, and it is shipping and has 8 days remaining, hence this post. I...
  39. J

    HDD compatibility with Sony Blu Ray Players

    Hi all, I have four Sony BDPs in the house. Two s590s, an s3100 and an s3200. And ive had a 2tb Toshiba Canvio, NTFS formatted, that ive been using with them for years. Well, my HDD is failing. So i went out and got a 2TB WD drive. I cannot get this thing to work. Unrecognized when...
  40. P

    Access music on a usb drive

    I put my music collection onto a 500GB usb drive. What would be a good way to access my music; pick an album or set up a playlist without using my laptop? My smart tv, bluray, and my modem/router all have usb connection, but all they seem to do is allow access to album or artist folders to find...
  41. Y

    Windows Explorer becomes unresponsive when connecting my USB drive

    A few days ago, I had a problem with one of my USB drives and I ejected it while the computer was restarting (one of the apps I had on my drive became unresponsive so I had to restart). Afterwards, when I connected the same USB drive into the USB port, the file explorer became unresponsive and...
  42. H

    How to Boot USB Drive in Secure Boot Mode (UEFI)

    HP Notebook 15-f009wm OS: Windows 8.1 with Bing 32 bit Hello all, This is my problem: I can't get my USB drive to load while in Secure Boot mode and continue running into 'Boot Device Not Found. Please install an operating system on your hard disk' screen. The only method that works thus far...
  43. K

    Chrome Book 11 Blank Screen - See details

    So I am working on the Chrome Book 11 for my friends Kid. The screen just wont turn on. Voice assistant yells everything it wants to do like inset a password but nothing on the screen. I've tried reinstalling the OS and here is where things get weird. Bringing up the recovery screen it turns on...
  44. D

    usb drive to composite a/v

    I'm looking for a device that uses as input a pendrive or an external drive and output as a composite a/v (Old tv). I just want to watch some movies on a usb key to an old tv. Any advice for me. Thanks all.
  45. A

    Usb Speaker Noise!

    Hello, I'm having a problem with my Scarlett2i2 2nd gen usb soundcard. I have KRK 8's and my problem is : When i'm moving mouse or i have google chrome or DAW opened i have a clear humming noise and when i move my mouse it's a buzzing noise. I have tried to put it on my laptop and it worked...
  46. S

    Mysterious hidden usb drive

    Recently my Nvidia has been having problems with "D:\" which is a drive that doesn't even exist on my computer. I discovered that it was hidden for some reason and that i could not eject, format or do anything to it. It was simply there, causing problems for my nvidia. I tried to uninstall it...
  47. O

    [ASUS X540L] Cannot boot OS or boot USB drive

    I received a blue screen yesterday and upon restart, the laptop only boots into the BIOS. In the SATA Configurations page, no hardware is shown. (I suspect faulty hdd). I tried to USB boot into linux to backup my files but even through starting up linux, the screen stays black after hearing...
  48. O

    Help installing windows 7 on ACER Laptop from USB

    I am trying to downgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 7 because I hate 10. Windows 7 is loaded on a USB drive which the computer wasn't recognizing unless in legacy mode. I was having a problem partitioning my drives in legacy mode so I attempted to boot using the following instructions from a...
  49. T

    Cant boot from USB drive

    I can't get my laptop to boot from a usb drive, it seems to only work when it wants to.
  50. S

    Why my tv does not recognize USB drive?

    Why my tv does not recognize my usb drive? when i plug it in nothing happens.TV is LG 26LD320
  51. E

    Can't unlock USB Access Control and USB Drive Control on Windows 8.1 - USB Disk Security by ZBShareware

    Recently, I enabled (locked) these two options: USB Access Control and USB Drive Control hoping to better protect my files and computer, but since I enabled them, I cannot open any of my flash drives or any of my sibling's flash drives. The computer actually can "see" the flash drives, I...
  52. M

    Background Copying Software

    Hi guys I am a 14 years old Student and i was looking for a software to copy thing from my teachers pen drives (flash memory) to mine The problem is that when i ask them for doing so the refuse because of the short classes time So is there is a software for this task maybe programming a power...
  53. K

    Device not showing up

    Hi, I am trying to connect my Sony action cam (HDR-AS20) to my ASUS X553S laptop via USB cable. It says connected on my action cam but it is no where to be found on my laptop. I am trying to look at videos I took from our family holiday. I'm not very good with technology so would really...
  54. P

    Billing Software for Single Product 3 Prices for different Type

    Hie, So basically i am looking for a billing software which has something like this Category-Stock/RV/RX Product- USB Drive Type- 8GB/16GB/32GB/64GB Price- 299/399/499/699 So once i put the product i.e USB Drive, it should ask me what size and accordingly it should show up the price for the...
  55. P

    A little coding challenge for doing image backups

    I have a 4TB USB drive and want to write a 500GB Trueimage backup to it once a week. So after about 8 it will fill up. Is there some easy way to delete the oldest backup? It will run as a batch file, triggered by the AT process. Win7-64. The invocation of TI from a command line to generate...
  56. M

    How to erase encrypted usb drive it wont let me format it

    HI last year i bought a pendrive which contain lectures which are useful for my examination.Data in the pendrive is in the form of files.After 1 year it has expired.It is of 30gb. I want to use it as normal pendrive by erasing files in it. But i am not able to erase it.I used diskpart also it...
  57. S

    Recovered TV recordings but I can't open the files.

    So I recovered from a USB some TV recordings with Recuva because I need to format the USB drive if I want to use it so I just recovered the files and now they're in .epg and .props. What now? I can't open those files and I think they're text files. IS there a way to convert them to mp4 or something?
  58. B

    locating information for a bios update.

    BIOS information. I`m trying to put the BIOS information up so can transfer it to a thumb drive
  59. M

    USB drive problems

    So basically I though that it was just my USB Headphones that is having this problem but now, it has also affected my Keyboard and Mouse, it lags out like a lot and my headphones start to crackle. Please help because it's really annoying. :\
  60. H

    How can I use powerpoint presentations (loaded on USB drive) on HDTV

    I want to mount an HDTV in my lobby and "stream" notices and announcements without using a computer connection. I intend to use a USB thumb drive as the source for the files. thanks