My Sony VIP laptop stopped turning on?


May 24, 2017
Hi everyone I know this has been asked but I'm asking again?

I have the Sony vio model PCG 41218L and a little bit maybe two table spoons of juice fell on the keyboard and it doesn't turn on anymore. I have had it for three years now and everything is perfect with it never ever had an issue at all. When I put it in the charge it does flash a light for the charge and with the battery the light for the battery charging turns on as well. I have tried to take the battery out and turn it on and that didn't work. When I press the power button I don't get any kind of response at all. Nothing no sound no fan no flickering just nothing. Any help on what I can do I am pretty handy or what I can try to help me fix this issue. I am a college student and computer is very important. Other than taking it for someone to repair what can I try to help fix this issue. Thanks
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