My Toshiba laptop keeps flashing toshiba logo on startup but won’t load windows


Jul 20, 2017
I have a Toshiba satellite pro. There was an update last night but I had a problem earlier this week where it kept loading recovery mode. I pressed F2 and opened the options. After some messing around and luck it resolved itself. It started doing it again when I turned it on today. I tried the same thing I did before but it didn’t work. I held down 0 and it said there was an issue loading windows and i should insert the installation disc and restart, which I did but it just continued to load the recovery mode. I then looked in the leaflet with instructions on changing the bios which I did. After that it just loaded the toshiba logo, flashed to a black screen as if it was restarting then loaded the logo again, continuing to do this on an endless loop. I’ve tried holding 0, pressing and holding F2 and neither does anything. I even tried turning it on and off repeatedly to open the system repair option but it doesn’t do that no matter how many times I try. I’ve tried looking up answers in google and on here but have found nothing helpful. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I hope I don’t have to have the memory erased. That has happened before, last year I had a problem that required it being sent back to the company and they wiped the memory and I lost a lot of irreplaceable photos and videos. Since windows won’t load i can’t get in to back everything up. Thank you.
Note: If this problem started after an update (or system reinstall), please make sure the laptop is not connected to the internet in any way before you use the following instructions.

Try the following...

1. Power off the laptop.
2. Power on the laptop.
3. As soon as you see the rotating loading circle, press and hold the Power Button until the computer shuts off.
4. Repeat this process a few times until you see the "Preparing Automatic Repair" screen.
5. Now you want to let the laptop boot to the "Automatic Repair" screen.
6. Click "Advanced Options" and then select "Troubleshoot".
7. Here you want to select "Refresh your PC", if you do not wish to erase data, or "Reset your PC" to erase all data and restore your system.
8. From here just follow the screen instructions until the recovery is completed.

NOTE: You will need to get into the "Advanced Options" in order to get the "Refresh Option". This choice will keep your data, but any programs installed will be lost.

Do not do a "Reset" as that will wipe all data you have on the laptop.

Another version of this is the following...

1. Power off the laptop.
2. Power on the laptop.
3. When screen turns black, hit F10 and ALT repeatedly until the computer shuts off.
4. You shouTo fix the computer you should choose the second option listed.
5. When the next screen loads, choose the option "Reset Device".
6. Now choose which ever type of reset you wish.
7. Your coputer should now restore itself to "Factory Settings".

NOTE: If you get a message saying "Error Resetting Device", then you should have the computer looked at by the manufacturer (if still under warranty) or by a tech.


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