my windows 10 next book laptop turns off after a minute i unplugged the charger


Aug 30, 2017
One time I tried to watch a downloaded movie then after I clicked it, my laptop suddenly turns off even if its not lowbatt yet. So I tried to charge it in 2-3 mins then I unplugged it.I open the movie again then it turns off again.I already tried to open the settings-power & sleep settings-change when the computer sleeps. But nothing has changed. I also try to create a power plan but it remains the same. I try to watch the movie while charger plugs in then it works. Doesn’t turn off again. But when I unplugged it again, after 2-3 mins it turns off again. PS: My pc have many cracks does it affect?? What can I do to fix it?
Are you sure it isn't the battery itself that is the issue? If the battery isn't holding/putting out enough power to run what you are wanting to use. Which videos, movies and games use a lot, then I would think the problem is the battery needs replacing.

Also, charging only for a few minutes will not do anything.
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