Question My Windows 8.1 PC shut down while installing updates because of an error. Now I can't go past the booting up screen because of a fatal error that appe

Jun 7, 2019
The error I got while installing the update was "Driver Power State Failure". I didn't mind it since I get it quite often.

Naturally, it restarted itself and on bootup, it tries to continue updating. At about 49% it gave me this error: View:

I restarted it multiple times. Upon the 3rd restart, it went to Windows Recovery Environment, it looks like this. I tried the Startup Repair from the Troubleshoot menu. After a couple minutes, it said that it can't repair the system.

Now what do I do? Should I just wait it out and hope it fixes itself?

I already searched about the error code and I saw this. I think already did the repair thing. Now as for booting to safe mode, I don't think that's possible. Even before this whole thing happened, I can't access the Advanced Startup Option already (it's where you can choose to start in Safe Mode).

I also don't have restore points.

Someone said on another forum that I should try booting with a flash drive. Is that the only option I have left?

Please help. Also sorry for my English.

Keyword: "Fatal Error C01A001D applying update operation..."

Edit: Solved!

Summary: Just delete some files!!! If you can access Windows Recovery Environment, just follow the tutorial below. It will show you how to partially access Windows Explorer using the Command Prompt and Notepad. Remember to delete the files permanently. That's Shift + Delete!


I was trying to backup my files when I noticed that my C drive (the partition where the OS was installed) has only 10MB left. I read that when the installation of an update gets interrupted, the system is just supposed to revert to the previous build/version/state. So I thought that because my C drive has only that little space left, the system can't revert properly. So what I did was I deleted enough files to reclaim about 5GB of space. (Although I'm not sure if that amount of space is what the system actually needs) After that I restarted my PC and then the system was able to finish the update thing. Then, it said it wasn't able to complete the updates so it's just going to undo the changes it did. And that's it! My computer finally booted to Windows.

Maybe the reason why searching this error online returns few results is because not many people leave their computers with almost 0% free space lol
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