Nasty sound from my brand new laptop, specific to the work that it's doing

Apr 22, 2018
Hello guys,

I have a really weird problem. I bought an Asus UX430UA a couple of days ago and it's making weird noises. At first I thought it might be the fans, but then I started noticing that the sound changed very rhythmically with the work that the laptop was doing. It was almost like it was singing in the same way that it was doing calculations. So fans were off at this point, they don't change speed in that manner (also, different sound).
In order to illustrate what's happening I shot two videos of this behaviour:

Sound was turned off, I'm with an SSD. ;)

So, what's the deal here, is it a defective component or something, because this sounds way too much as current running through the motherboard or some part...

Thanks in advance.

P.S. Sure, I'm going to make use of the warranty, but I'm really curious what the issue might be.
Apr 22, 2018
Definitely not the fan, it wouldn't change sound so drastically, depending on the task that the PC is currently busy with.
Also, on the first clip, you can hear the fan coming in at around 1:10 and it's certainly not the same as the screeching sound that was heard before that. :)
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