NEED a gaming laptop budget 1300-1500$

Abhi Singh

Mar 31, 2013
Guys i am looking for a Laptop for around 1300-1500$

I shortlisted one with i7 3rd gen and GT750m that is Y500
but the graphic card is not that good to play all the new games

so can you guys suggest me a laptop with a good gaming graphic card and a good CPU

The main thing is i wanted a i7 3rd gen in my lappie but m not gettting a good card with it i am ready to compromise till i5 3rd gen or i5 4th gen but tell me are i5 3rd gen and 4th gen processors good for gaming? please need adivce here
Laptops aren't ideal for gaming because they heat up really fast ,a nd all its components don't usually last long so it'd be good if you build your own Desktop.