Need a laptop for an upcoming college student.


May 11, 2014
My budget is around $1000, but would be willing to go a bit higher. The size of the laptop/notebook is not too important. The primary uses of this laptop/notebook would be note taking for my classes, writing papers, creating/running a website/blog. I also need to be able to play league of legends. Since I am a college student I will be carrying the laptop from place to place so portability is a nice touch. I would like it to have a decent battery life, I will need it to last while I take notes/write papers. As for the OS I am not picky, I will get used to whatever I get. I would be buying this laptop as soon as possible because my current laptop is getting old. I would prefer this laptop to last at least 4 years, so I wouldn't have to purchase another during college. I am going to be majoring is business.
if you're going to be playing more graphical things than league of legends then I recommend the asus n550jk
If LoL is the most graphically intensive game you'll run then the asus n550jv will perform just fine for ultra settings.
both are extremely high quality, solid build quality and have good battery life.