Question Need a suggestion for buying new laptop

Aug 5, 2021
Hi. I am planning to buy new laptop. Need some suggestions from you guys.

Here is some details:
1. Can be used for multi - tasking (open several words file, excel, pdf, google meet at same time) without lagging

2. use SSD with capacity 256 GB or more

3. I plan to use video editing software like camtasia and playing game like Minecraft

4. Budget: if possible, around $700. If not, around $1000

5. My preference is towards ASUS but I am willing to consider other brands

6. Most of the time I will use it at workplace so portable laptop is not really my top priority (but I am open to that option as long it meets criteria 1 to 4)

7. Screen size maybe around 14 - 15 inch

8. Since I don't really need to travel a lot, for battery life maybe only need a decent one, around 4 - 5 hours

9. OS: windows

Other information (not sure it is helpful): I am using ASUS Vivobook A442U right now

Thank you guys