Question Need Advice on new system

Jul 13, 2020
Car System

1. Should you over power your speakers?
if your amp puts out 200 watts per channel, should the speakers be 175 or 150 watt rms?

2. I see most speakers are 92db.
so the only way to get it louder is to add more speakers?
or does more watts equal louder?

3. Does the size of the speaker really matter?
Ive seen computer speakers that are really loud and sound good and like 2 in and like 15 watts.

4. Do you need a channel for each 2 speakers?

thanks in advance

Saurabh jha

Jul 8, 2020
According to my experience of use the best software for car system is JBL GTO609C. This system has best sound quality. you can also order it online, so go for this.
It is OK to slightly over power your speakers but there's no reason to pay for excessive power that can only damage the speakers. The power ratings of speakers and amps are often not accurate so it can be tricky.

I am not sure what you mean by speakers being 92db?
If you mean the efficiency which would be 92db for 1 watt at 1 meter that would depend on the cabinet not just the speaker. The higher this number the less power you need to reach that volume.

If you have the maximum power that the speaker can handle then you would need additional amps and speakers to increase the maximum volume. If the amp will handle the lower impedance of two speakers then just adding a speakers will work. You won't get twice the volume by doing this. It will only add 3 db.

The size of the speaker matters primarily for bass. A desk top system operates in a totally different environment than a car. Less background noise. You need larger woofers and more power in a car.

You would have an even number of speakers in a 2.0 system (2, 4 ,6 etc). In a 2.1 system you could have any number of woofers for the .1 subwoofer channel.