Need audio clarification/advice


Jun 21, 2014
Hey guys not sure if this is the right thread or not, mods please move it to the correct one if its in the incorrect place.

Ok so lately I have been wanting a buy myself a condenser microphone and I have settled on the BM-800. Ive been reading into this mic and have discovered I need a phantom power supply and have also found one I want as well as mic arm ect...

My main concern is that I need other stuff, people have been talking about DACs, amps and all this other stuff, I just want to know, do I need them? If I plug my mic into the power supply and the power supply into my computer will I still get audio and will it be of higher quality like everyone has said getting a phantom power supply will provide?

Thanks if you need me to explain more or list all the products feel free to ask.
I don't think you need anything else but if you want better quality a mic preamp (with phantom power) will give you higher quality than the mic input on your mobo. If you have a soundcard then it would vary which would sound better.
A DAC would be for playback and have nothing directly to do with the mic.
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